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Apiary programs work with beekeepers to help maintain healthy colonies of honey bees in Minnesota for honey production and pollination. Disease and pest survey inspections are done in several counties each year.

Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture home page
Minnesota Department of Agriculture home page. 81.9KB
19 Sep 14
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MDA Site Directory
Categories on the Minnesota Department of Agriculture website. directory.aspx -89.1KB

MDA Help Center -76.2KB

News, Media & Government Relations
Information and resources for the news media and the general public. -76.1KB
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Staff Directory
Minnesota Department of Agriculture phone and fax numbers directory. 81.4KB
11 Sep 14
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Divisions Directory
Information about the different divisions and programs of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture divisions.aspx -76.6KB

Visitor & Parking Information
Information for visitors to the Orville L. Freeman Building which houses the Departments of Agriculture and Health. visitorinfo.aspx -79.5KB

Website Policies
Website Policies for the Minnesota Department of Agriculture website wspolicies.aspx -84.2KB
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Minnesota Grown Spokesperson Carrie Tollefson
Carrie Tollefson believes fresh, local foods are important for a healthy, active life. Minnesota Grown is proud to have Carrie as a spokesperson. 80.1KB
13 Sep 14
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Pick of the Month Newsletter
The Minnesota Grown Pick of the Month is a free electronic bulletin featuring fresh Minnesota Grown products. Get your free subscription! minnesotagrown/pomonth.aspx -81.3KB

About Minnesota Grown
Minnesota Grown is a partnership between the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and growers and processors who provide quality Minnesota Grown local products. minnesotagrown/procorner/mn-grown- about.aspx -81.9KB

Livin' La Vida Local
Minnesota grown fresh and local foods blog. Learn what is available right now from local farms, orchards, farmers markets and wineries. minnesotagrown/blog.aspx -73.7KB
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Alphabetical Staff Directory
Alphabetical phone directory for the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. 253.2KB
18 Sep 14
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Other Conservation Programs
Links to information on many of the other conservation programs available besides those already emphasized in the Minnesota Conservation Funding Guide. 84.8KB
17 Sep 14
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Conservation Contacts
The Conservation Funding Advisor is an interactive tool to help you quickly compare payments offered by various programs to help landowners finance a wide range of conservation practices conservation/contacts.aspx -85.1KB

Local & Regional Conservation Programs
Local and regional agencies/organizations occasionally offer special financial incentives to landowners within their jurisdiction for one or more selected conservation practices. conservation/programs/local.aspx -82.1KB

Conservation Reserve Program - Continuous Signup (CCRP)
The Conservation Reserve Program - Continuous Signup (CCRP) is a nationwide, voluntary program designed to help farmers restore and protect environmentally sensitive land—particularly wetlands, wildlife habitat ... conservation/programs/ccrp.aspx -100.6KB
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Minnesota Noxious Weeds
The plants listed are prohibited noxious weeds because they are injurious to public health, the environment, public roads, crops, livestock, and other property. 86.9KB
16 Sep 14
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Organic Agriculture
ANIMALS Siting & Planning Siting Livestock Operations Getting Involved at the Local Level Local Land Use and Livestock Siting Program Facts About Livestock Odor Livestock Resources Farm Real Estate Listing ... 80.5KB
15 Sep 14
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Directory of Minnesota Organic Farms
Directory listing of Minnesota Organic Farms. directory.aspx -77.6KB
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Integrated Pest Management Program
Integrated Pest Management is a balanced approach to pest management which incorporates the many aspects of plant health care/crop protection in ways that mitigate harmful environmental impacts and protect human health. 78.3KB
13 Sep 14
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Clean Water Fund
The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is using Clean Water funding to help farmers and ranchers do their part to protect and restore Minnesota's lakes, rivers and streams. 78.0KB
13 Sep 14
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Clean Water Research Program
There remains considerable knowledge gaps about agriculture's contribution to impairments, and what specific best management practices (BMPs) need to be implemented (type and location) to actually improve water quality. cleanwaterfund/research.aspx/ -75.6KB
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Rapid Response
When new and emerging invasive plants are detected in Minnesota, the Invasive Species Exclusion Unit rapidly responds. rapidresponse.aspx- 76.6KB
11 Sep 14
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Firewood Alert for Dealers
Invasive species like Gypsy Moth, Emerald Ash Borer and Asian Longhorned Beetle have killed millions of trees in nearby states and now threaten Minnesota's forests. pestmanagement/firewood/firewood- dealers.aspx -85.0KB

Terrestrial Invasive Plant Early Detection Program
The most expedient way to control invasive plants is to eliminate populations before they spread and proliferate. pestmanagement/weedcontrol/ terrestrial.aspx -77.7KB

County Agricultural Inspectors & Designated Employees
A listing of the Minnesota County Agricultural Inspectors and Designated Employees. Listed alphabetically by county. pestmanagement/weedcontrol/cailist.aspx -133.3KB
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